8/24/19 DIY Fern Wall Workshop


8/24/19 DIY Fern Wall Workshop


August 24 from 5-7pm

White walls that you wish were green? Looking for more privacy? Hoping to improve the view? Now is your chance! Whether you have a small deck or a large yard, a fern wall is a magnificent way to try out vertical gardening.

Join the frondly Urban Earth team for an interactive, creative and soil-filled day as we re-purpose old pallets into a vertical garden display that will never cease to wow you and your friends!

Enrollment includes:

  • Advice and direction from a team of plant-wise women

  • Pallets prepared with soil and felt

  • A wide variety of ferns ready for planting

  • All the materials you’ll need to create you’re very own up-cycled, living wall.

The results…

  • A priceless, one-of-a-kind living art installation

  • Loads of new vertical gardening knowledge

  • The confidence to do it all over again whenever you please

  • A host of new plant nerds... I mean friends to geek out about plants with!

Fern-stivities include, drinks, adult beverages and snacks! Come nerd out with other plant enthusiasts!