Hi! I'm Kristin and I bought Urban Earth December 1st from Susan who is now happily retired. I moved to Seattle in 2003, and graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Environmental Studies. After wandering a few years, I discovered plants in a new way, so I quit everything, and went back to school for a degree in Horticulture at Edmonds Community College. I worked as a gardener, landscaper, and at a retail garden center before becoming a grower for a commercial greenhouse in Marysville.
I met with Susan in November and recognized this was the opportunity I couldn't miss. After three years growing perennials and annuals, I left my position as Assistant Head Grower to pursue something acres of greenhouses cannot offer. My horticultural areas of interest are Integrated Pest Management, pest and disease ID, and plant health and nutrition.


SARAH - Indoor Lead

I have been with Urban Earth since April 2017. I am honored an excited to be a part of this growing business! I became passionate about horticulture as my own plant collection started to grow, and I decided to participate in OSU’s Master Gardener program. I worked for several years at a nursery in Portland, OR, and was so happy to be able to continue this work when I returned to my beautiful hometown, Seattle. I am thrilled to be the new Indoor Lead at Urban Earth, and am committed to sourcing interesting, unique houseplants, and working with local artists to bring in one-of-a-kind pottery and gift items.  


DANICA - Outdoor Lead

Hey there my little petunias.  I'm Danica!  I hail from the Land of 10,000 Lakes but have been living on the East and West coasts for the last 7 years.  I'm new here at Urban Earth and am SUPER excited/pumped/tickled pink to take on the roll of Outdoor Lead with these lovely ladies by my side. I like tiny plants (like mosses) and tiny things that grow on plants (like seeds) so you may catch me nerding out in the outdoor yard with a hand lens... tap me on the shoulder and have a look for yourself!  I'm allergic to most plants so don't be wary if I have snot running out of my nose and I sound like I just smoked a pack of Camels.


ANGELA - Purchasing Lead

phoebe in a bucket.jpg

PHOEBE - Mouser

Resident cat. Yowler extraordinaire. Will trade rumbly purrs for ear scritches.