Hi! I'm Kristin. I moved to Seattle in 2003, and graduated from Seattle University with a degree in Environmental Studies. After wandering a few years, I discovered plants in a new way, quit everything, and went back to school for a degree in Horticulture at Edmonds Community College, and haven’t looked back. I am endlessly awe-struck by the plant kingdom and my curiosity is never satisfied! I’ve worked in almost all facets of the industry - grower, landscaper, retail garden center, and now nursery owner. I am so proud and honored to be working with this incredible team of driven and compassionate women.
My horticultural areas of interest are Integrated Pest Management, pest and disease ID, and plant health and nutrition.


JULI - Indoor Buyer and Landscape Designer

Hi everyone! I am a member of this fabulous team of plant nerds and very excited to have a part in growing this radical little nursery in Seattle. I have a particular passion for unique perennial edibles, herbs, and all things permaculture. I love being outside and working with plants all day, and I love collaborating with people to manifest their green garden dreams through landscape design or selecting the perfect plant! I am a mother of three awesome kids, love cats and chickens, and I make art, food, and laughter whenever I can.


NATASHA - Outdoor Buyer

Hola! A few words about me--

I have a passionflower propagation obsession, an impressive troll doll collection, wild juggling aspirations and often speak in Spanglish.

Whether it's dancing, noticing the magic of a flower or seeing a kind gesture offered between two creatures, I am constantly in awe of the beauty of life.

Having traveled and wandered for 4+ years, becoming known as slightly nomadic, I have surprised myself (and most friends and family) by deciding to call Seattle home again. This is largely, if not entirely, in part to a serendipitous day when I passed by Urban Earth, felt it calling out to me and pulling me in. I followed this tug and low and behold, Urban Earth is now my work, my family, my home and a stepping stone for exploring my passions. I could not be happier to have my days filled with plants, incredible coworkers, exciting conversations with customers and always discovering something new about our existence on planet earth. I encourage us all to take time to notice the little things, be curious, be kind, be weird and converse not just with humans, but with plants and animals--I guarantee that your eyes and heart will be overwhelmed by the magic and beauty that this existence offers us.

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LISA - Administrative Lead

Hello hello! My first and forever love is annual vegetable gardening enriched by a degree in Sustainable Agriculture & Food Production from Green Mountain College in Vermont. I started as an intern with Urban Earth in May 2018, then the team offered me a paid position coordinating trips to the Fremont market. We took this endeavor on as a means of increased visibility & marketing for the nursery! Thanks for supporting us at the Fremont Sunday Market during the summer of 2018! Meanwhile, as weather dictates our lives around here, I’ll spend this winter acting as an administrative assistant for the entire team. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have found ‘my people’ here at Urban Earth and I look forward to nerding out about plants with all of you!

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PHOEBE - Mouser

Resident cat. Yowler extraordinaire. Will trade rumbly purrs for ear scritches.



This place is amazing. Not only are they super friendly,they are also extremely knowledgeable about plants and their care. I have learned so much from the employees here.
— Chris H.