We believe in inspiring our customers to fulfill their destiny as enthusiastic plant nerds and observant naturalists. We cultivate our staff, clients, and neighbors to develop the ever more vital primordial bond between humans and plants. 

Mission Statement

  • To be a respected source of healthy plants and useful coaching for urban gardeners, landscapers, and potential plant enthusiasts.

  • To foster reverence for the natural world in Seattle's urban spaces.

  • To be an empowered work place where employees are the main fuel for growth, change, and profitability.

  • To be a productive member of the Fremont community, actively engaging with its denizens to promote our vision


Tory Galloway started Piriformis in 1998 specializing in drought tolerant plants. It has been a nursery ever since and has seen four names and 5 owners. The new owner continues on with the name Urban Earth and picks up where the previous owner, Susan, left off. The nursery historically provides a diversity of drought tolerant plants, unusual plants, and plants that do well in our climate and are appropriate sizes for urban gardens.

The staff are so knowledgeable and helpful! They have the best vibe, really chill, and good products at fair prices. We are very happy with our mojito mint and hope to be back soon for a happy little blueberry plant to add to our blueberry friends in the garden. Thank you so much!
— Katie OB